The fate of Bille community in Rivers State presently cliff hangs as businessman, Dagogo Gilbert has been accused of a covetous massive oil bunkering in that part of the state.

A report monitored on The Capital NG  stated a group of youths known as the Bille Youth Vanguard has made an appeal to the president to help stop the growing anomalies allegedly being perpetrated by Dagogo Gilbert in the region

According to the youths of  Bille community  in Rivers State; “We are again crying out to President to save us from a new problem that is coming from the very security people that are supposed to be saving us from the problem. Our case is now like a man who is taking medicine to cure headache and the medicine is now causing him migraine that is far worse than his original problem.

Every single day, oil bunkering and pipeline damage is happening in Bille. Even though there are security officers in the area, this crime has increased more than ever before. Our community is normal in the day time but at night it will turn into a marketplace for crude oil, whereby oil is lifted openly like they are buying and selling in Aba market, yet we have a security base around there. Please Mr President send people to Bilie without notice at night, you will see trading activity is like that of Ojuelegba that the great Fela sang about.

You will be shocked that armed men who are supposed to protect the pipeline have changed their job to protector of thieves. They are guiding the vessels of people destroying pipelines and loading crude oil. Sometimes, in broad day light, big vessels come in and out of BIlle freely surrounded by escorts. We have heard that security officials are making millions from protecting these criminals and participating in illegal bunkering. Some even fight for posting to Bille to make illegal money.


Mr. President, we beg for your strong and urgent intervention. We call on the Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of Army Staff, other security agencies and the general public to help us reduce this evil. We also request that the Head of Operation Delta Safe should be questioned immediately.

These oil thieves enjoy the protection of officers throughout the long distance they cover before they get to where they offload. Bille Youths have decided to support peace but the head of Operation Delta Save, is putting our youths under pressure to join their stealing.

We want the Federal Government to send fresh army to save us. The security officers in the area can no longer protecting us; they are the ones stealing now. Oil thieves are destroying the pipeline and oil spill is destroying our land.
Bille Youth Vanguard.

The Capital NG