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This deception must stop! By Steve Oliyide

Political correctness is when we begin to review the implications of the choices we made.

I watched Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State rolling out the drums to celebrate the procurement and commissioning of 85KWp Hybrid Solar rural electrification project.

This to me is a deceit taking too far. 85KW of electricity is the same as 100KVA power Generator. In other words, Governor Amosun will commission a generator set if he buys one.

Why am I bothered? The last administration in Ogun State under Otunba Gbenga Daniel procured a 47MVA power project, all expenses paid, with a five-year after sales service and maintenance; engineers and technicians in the Ogun State civil service were trained on maintenance, not only that, they were involved in the manufacturing process of the power plants.

47MVA is the same as 47,000KVA. People of Ogun State should ask the necessary question, where are all these power plants seven years after?

Amosun’s 85KW power plants was procured at over N300m. The brain box alone is sold for over N47m and there was no local competencies for its maintenance.

That was why it packed up from Day One when attempts to bypass it was made. It was repackaged and sent back to South Africa for reconfiguration.
This deception must stop!
Our mumu done do!

Steve Oliyide is a former Special Assistant (Media) to Ogun State government and presently Managing Consultant at El-Samedi Communications Network

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