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Details – How Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy Jeremi Solaye Desperately Clings to Billionaire’s Status

If you think the famous disclosure by popular blogger Linda Ikeji that her baby daddy Solaye Jeremi lived in a 3bedroom apartment along Lekki-Epe expressway would knock Jayce’s father of the wildly bandied perch of ‘’billionaire”, well it is better to have a rethink.

As Ikeji’s disclosure sparked off colourful jokes about ‘’billionaires” living at ‘’ what used to the 5th roundabout in Lekki after Mobil”, or more explicitly Igbo Efon area of Lekki a fresh round of story has hit town about Solaye.

The latest reports focus on Solaye’s acquisition of huge money cars – for self and as a gift to a friend, and how he is expending ‘’huge fund” on charity.

Whether this is a direct attempt – or not – at protecting the ‘’billionaire” tag the blogger’s baby daddy is decorated with is not clear at present.

But some individuals are already connecting unseen lines and talking.

And there are emerging theories.

The theory that favours Jeremi is that indeed certain kind of money men keep apartments such as described and packaged it in such a manner that it passes off as their ‘’real homes’’ for an agenda such as the baby daddy’s friends described his relationship with Ikeji – a fling.

The other theory is that it is only paperweight billionaires that always rush to push back at talks that color their financial status with buying this and that material objects – and the uncultured wealthy persons otherwise known as ‘’Money Miss Roads’’

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