Legendary fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose has reacted to spreading reports on the arrest of his 26-year old son, Sultan Omogbadebo Anifowose over financial crime and fraud allegation in Chicago, United States of America.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the fuji lord insisted that his son is not a fraudster.

Several reports gone viral over the weekend pointed that Wasiu Ayinde’s son, Sultan and about seven others were arrested for fraud in the range of $ 2 million.


The names of those arrested were given as Daniel Samuel Eta, Babatunde Ladeinde Labiyi, Olurotimi Akintunde Idowu, Barnabas Oghenerukevwe Edjieh, Miracle Ayokunle Okunola, Sultan Omogbadebo Anifowose, and Babatunde Ibrahim Akarigidi.

They were arrested for allegedly swindling internet users of not less than $ 2 million in online scams in the past two years.

Reports stated they slowly built a connection with their victims, posing as their romantic partners or bosses before requesting deposits into bank accounts they opened with fake passports.

It was also revealed that they sought out their victims from several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

It was reported in an affidavit that they often tried to manipulate their victims emotionally. One of the victims believed he was dating a woman with cancer, named ‘Claire Anderson’ and sent her funds to ‘travel to Nigeria for family reasons’.

Another victim was told via a fake Instagram account under the alias “Sarah Allison” that she needed ‘financial help’ to acquire a $2.5 million inheritance. From November 2017 to October 2018, the victim reportedly sent a total of $ 38,100 to accounts under the names ‘Chattman Ronald Stewart’ and “Beckham Dave Smith”.

In his reaction, however, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal popularly known as KWAM 1 his son is not a fraudster adding that he wouldn’t have been released if on bail he was truly involved in the alleged scam.

He said,  “there is no doubt that he was among those that were arrested but what is however not true that he is a fraudster.

“We can confidently say that he was not in any way involved in the crime, which explains the reason he was the only person that was released on bail.

“At present, Sultan is back home, waiting for the next date of the case when we believe he will be set free eventually”.