Blatter and Platini

Former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter and vice president, Michel Platini, were found not guilty of the 2011 alleged fraud case.

According to the BBC, both former football administrators were cleared on Friday, July 8, from their allegations in a case that lasted for 11 days.

“Both men had denied wrongdoing and said the transfer was belated payment for Platini’s advisory work for Fifa.

The 11-day trial took place at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona, Switzerland and concluded on 22 June.”


After the verdict, Platini, in his statement that was published on AP News , said that justice has finally come to stay.

“Following the decision of the judges of the Court of Bellinzona, this morning, I wanted to express my happiness for all my loved ones that justice has finally been done after seven years of lies and manipulation.

“The truth has come to light during this trial.”

“I kept saying it: my fight is a fight against injustice. I won a first game. In this case, there are culprits who did not appear during this trial. Let them count on me, we will meet again. Because I will not give up and I will go all the way in my quest for truth.”

Blatter, 86 and Platini, 67 were allegedly charged with an unlawful transfer of two million Swiss francs ($2.19m; £1.6m) in 2011 as reported on BBC. Ever since then, they have been facing trial at a court in Bellinzona.

But both men claimed innocence about the alleged funds as money without any hidden agenda as reported by AP News.

“Both Blatter and Platini have long denied wrongdoing and claim they had a verbal deal in 1998 for Platini to get extra salary that FIFA could not pay at the time. Platini signed a contract in August 1999 to be paid 300,000 Swiss francs ($300,000) annually.”