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Globacom allegedly targets ‘married women’ in serial disengagement of workers- Report

Nigeria’s national carrier Globacom has reportedly sent another batch of its workers back to the labour market, the third in the alleged serial disengagement of workers.

The latest sack by the telecom giant which has attracted widespread attention and condemnation is said to have affected mostly married women.

A report stated that in 2017 tens of workers at the telecommunication company were quietly and unceremoniously laid off with thick shield away from public awareness.

According to SocietyNow NG, the biggest telecom company in Nigeria with billionaire Mike Adenuga as chairman had earlier in 2018 sacked another huge number of its staff, making it the second mass lay off in the series.

Mike Adenuga Jnr

However, the victims of the latest staffers disengagement by Globacom has turned it into a “gender issue” which has consequently amplified its condemnation on both on and offline.

The victims have alleged the company is sweeping out all ‘married women’ in its fold.

Though inside sources denied any ‘gender attack’ but insisted workers’ sack by Globacom was basically hinged on performance.

While the debate rage in public space, sources disclosed an internal unease has taken hold of Globacom.

Information made available has it that the remaining workers are presently trembling in fear of uncertainty.

” Many of those that were sacked certainly didn’t see it coming, a larger percentage see selves as performing wonderfully well on the job, some of the names shocked not a few of their colleagues.

“All these have created a bit of apprehension amongst the remaining workers because of the fear of uncertainty that has now taken over the place” a source provided insight.

The reason for the cause of the serial disengagement of workers remains blurred as checks indicate the back to back sack of staffers in Globacom has shot up the number of affected workers to about 300.

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