Our precious country indeed need a renewal.

In the chequered history of the Yorubas, the Ondos have remained a unique and special breed. For ages, they’ve been epitome of doggedness, courage, boldness and bluntness.


A typical Ondo man is resolute and relentless especially when he has conviction about an issue.

This, they aptly demonstrated during 1983 gubernatorial elections when NPN made spirited efforts to upturn the mandate given to Chief Adekunle Ajasin in favor of their party’s candidate, Akin Omoboriowo.

Hell was let loose, pandemonium ensued but the Ondos stood their ground until peoples’ mandate was restored.

There have been other instances in the past when the Ondos had demonstrated courage by refusing to be undaunted and cowed while fighting against injustice and unfair treatments.

Indeed, no one appreciated and recognized these traits in them better than the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo who for a long time included many Ondo chieftains in his best eleven, as well as in his political think-tank. Chiefs Adekunle Ajasin, Reuben Fasoranti, Adebayo Adefarati and even the late Owo Monarch, the Iconic Olateru Olagbegi remained confidants of the legendary politician until his demise.

In recent years, if there is any being who has been the chip of the old block, graciously and remarkably following the footsteps of aforementioned very accomplished and highly revered and respected Nigerians of Ondo state descent, it’s no other one than Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Despite the widely acknowledged chummy relationship he reportedly have with the president, this has not prevented him in placing Yoruba cause as the centerpiece of his political struggles.

He was at the forefront of Anti-Open Grazing law being passed into the law by the governors in the south west Geopolitical zone, as well as in other southern states of the federation.

Akeredolu was also one of the driving forces of Amotekun security outfit enactment and recently passed into law by the south west states houses of assembly. Indeed, he was the Chairman of the governors’ forum that ensured that the law expeditiously came into manifestation.

Even though VAT matter is still raging, he has also spearheaded the governors in the south west and other southern states to jointly take a resolution that states are indeed the appropriate arm of government that supposed to be saddled with collection of VAT revenues.

The most audacious pronouncement he has uttered in recent times is to re-emphasizing to the northern political class, as well as political parties that it would be a political suicide and miscalculation of immeasurable proportion for any party to choose a candidate that is not of south west descent as its presidential candidate and that such candidate would never enjoy the support of other parts of the country.

The climax of this was his symbolic and stern pronouncement that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the authentic leader of the south and that, he is the CAPON and that the entire south zones are earnestly waiting for his arrival from London to provide political direction and make pronouncement of where the zones are headed.

That settles the political imbroglio and confusion that has dominated the political space in the last couple of months.

That statement has resonated across the country that the south west remains an impregnable force and indivisible group as we prepare for 2023 general elections.

It’s also a statement of intent that the zone is adequately prepared to assume the leadership of the nation, with the supports of all other parts of the country.

No one should attempt to foist leader on us; the zone has done its own work very well and we are battle ready to hoist aloft the presidential banner of APC comes 2023.

Let me re-emphasize to all Nigerians that this is an auspicious time to unite for a purpose and also in one direction. It’s a time we obviously need the supports all other Geopolitical zones across the country to launch the country into pedestal of greatness.

President Buhari has done well, but it’s apparent that he must take a bow comes May 2023.

Our precious country indeed need a renewal.

The country need total rebuilding. We must also re-activate and re-invent the bond of unity and togetherness that has hitherto existed amongst us before this new phase of mistrust and crisis of confidence set in.

The country economy and infrastructures need reengineering and repositioning.

Our educational system needs to be repackaged to meet the world standard, for our nation to compete with best in the globe.

The country itself needs total rebranding. Nigerians need a new orientation. We need to positively connect and interface with global communities.

It’s therefore the time all hands must be on deck. And to achieve this, we must work in unity. There mustn’t be discordant tunes. The global world are fast leaving Nigeria behind.

We need to be tactical and strategize in devising a catch up mechanism.

For our nation to achieve the aforementioned, we indeed after President Buhari need a Nigerian who has the innate capacity to provide purposeful and visionary leadership, and who can chart a new course in all the facets for our country.

We need a leader who is already trusted and trusted, as well as widely acknowledge and acclaimed success personified and not those who would use Nigeria as a political chess game. Without a doubt, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu perfectly fits into the bill.

He has an impressive records of achievements. He’s already presidential in outlook, deeds and pronouncements. There is no doubt that he’s adequately prepared for the office.

The country and the entire people of Nigeria stand to benefits immensely from his presidency and even, the entire Sub-Saharan African. Nigerians; I passionately call onto you to arise and make Asiwaju Tinubu presidency a reality.


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