Buruji Kashamu, a senator representing Ogun East, has rejected his suspension by the national caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The party had slammed a month suspension on Kashamu without disclosing the reason for the action.

In his reaction, Kashamu said the action “offends all known principles of justice and fair hearing”.

“The news of my purported suspension is coming on the heels of a pending appeal with a motion for injunction that has been properly entered and served on parties,” Kashamu said.

“This renders the purported suspension a nullity as it offends the principle of ‘lis pendens’.


“Therefore, I reject the purported suspension because it offends all known principles of justice and fair hearing.

“It should be noted however that the mere fact that the Caretaker Committee could resort to this last-minute action in its dying hours and on the day of our national convention shows clearly that the battle that I and other well-meaning leaders, elders and stakeholders have waged against impunity and illegality, and for the enthronement of democracy, due process and the rule of law really got to them.

“Makarfi and his cohorts, especially Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose think that they can intimidate and pocket every voice of dissent within the party.

“Yet, they are quick to accuse the federal government of stifling the opposition when they are the real dictators and tyrants.”

Kashamu vowed not to bow to intimidation, appealing to party leaders and members to “rescue our party from the vice grip of these delinquents by electing a new and untainted leadership that will put an end to illegality, impunity, deceit and imposition”.

“They arrogantly think that they can browbeat everyone into submission and buy over the conscience of our party leaders and delegates in continuation of their desperate bid to hold the party by the jugular in order to serve their selfish and egocentric ends,” he said.

“What is the essence of a multiparty politics and democracy if people cannot disagree to agree and ventilate their views? I dare say that any party or organisation that does not brook dissent and plurality of ideas and opinions is on its way to self-destruct and extinction.

“Today, let’s elect men and women of conscience who will truly reposition our party, restore democracy and make it the envy of all. Let’s show Nigerians that it is a new dawn and a new order in PDP.

“Finally, notwithstanding this purported suspension, I stand by my convictions in the struggle for the enthronement of genuine democracy, due process and respect for our own constitution. I remain strong and unbowed by their antics.”

The Capital NG