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Lagos AllSail to create awareness for global culture of water leisure, sports – Maleek Shehu

Maleek Shehu of Father’s House Foundation in this highly engaging interview provides all the exciting details of Lagos-3day boat racing event – The Lagos AllSail.

Something huge is about to hit the Lagos Waterfront. It is labeled Lagos AllSail, it is a 3days boat racing event with in-built exciting twists and turns.

Chief promoter, Maleek Shehu of Father’s House Foundation provides all the details in this engaging chat.

What is the Lagos Sail all about?

LAGOS ALL SAIL is a project aimed at water sports, from boat racing, Jetski racing, water-hover-board to surfing and other water-related stunts.

What actually inspired it?

I’m extremely adventurous, I love all forms of adrenaline rushing activities, in the air, on land and water. I have had to engage in quite a number, so I decided to extend my adventurous passion to create awareness for a global culture of water leisure and sporting activities.

When is it coming up?

it’s scheduled to hold for a period of three days, commencing from the 13th of December 2018 with a stakeholders’ powerpoint presentation of waterways challenges and opportunities. 14th of December is the main boat race day/ boat show with musical performances by prominent musical stars. Finally, 15th of December is planned for the presentation of award-winning teams and boats in a nautical party in Lekki phase1

What are the things to look forward to?

Both spectators and competitors will experience total excitement, unusual rustic fun from a renown BICS garden jetty, with serious stunts in the water from professionals, good music, heavy sounds of racing boats and Jetskis, nice ambience, nice seafood, great & beautiful people of water enthusiasts, the type of people one could ever wish to meet and experiencing modern fun, bringing nautical lifestyle closer to the people.

What are the major gains of the event:

There are enormous gains for the state and individuals. 1. This event has a huge touristic value, it will open up waterways and encourage people to use our water. It will encourage investors to consider investing in our water transportation.

2. It will create direct and indirect employment for the people. It will increase ideological awareness of career or profession in water sports and allied businesses.

Who are the main promoters of the event?

Maleek Shehu and Father’s House Foundation.

Is it a one-off or annual event?

It’s designed to be an annual event where winners become defending champions next season.

What are the major challenges of putting together this event?

Sponsorship, sponsorship, and sponsorship.

What are the major things that have kept you going in the face of these challenges?

Passion and Legacy.

How long have you nursed and nurtured the idea of this project?

Over two and a half years.

Do you see the maiden edition living up to expectation?

By all standard, God willing…..

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