McGregor: Mayweather would need to ‘reincarnate Bruce Lee’ to train for me

As far as Conor McGregor’s concerned, Floyd Mayweather would have to go to great lengths to prepare for his fighting style.

In a recent interview with The Mac Life, the UFC lightweight champ claimed the only way Mayweather would be ready to take him on come Aug. 26 would be if he enlisted some incarnation of Bruce Lee as a sparring partner. Yes, that Bruce Lee.

“What other mixed martial artist is there like me?” McGregor said, according to MMAjunkie. “He’d need to reincarnate Bruce Lee, and that would be the only person he could bring in that could mimic me with the way that I’m coming at him. I am not like any other mixed martial artist. I am not like any other boxer. I am in a league of my own, and I’ll prove that Aug. 26.”

McGregor is indeed unlike any boxer Mayweather has faced – at least of late – if only due to a professional boxing record comprised solely of zeros.


“The Notorious” meets Mayweather next Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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