The Royal Armed Forces has maintained its rank among the 61 most powerful armies in the world, according to the latest 2024 ranking by the “Global Firepower” platform.

According to the same classification, Egypt remained at the top of the list of the strongest Arab armies. Saudi Arabia was ranked as the second strongest Arab army, followed by Algeria, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Syria. Morocco came in seventh place among the Arab countries.

At the African level, Egypt again ranked first, Algeria second, South Africa third, Nigeria fourth, Ethiopia fifth, Angola sixth, and Morocco ranked seventh.

Globally, the United States of America maintained its lead again, followed by Russia, China came in third place, and India in fourth place, ahead of Britain, which ranked sixth. 


France fell to eleventh place.  Italy maintained its tenth place.

Morocco has increased its budget to 124 billion dirhams in the 2024 Finance Law. The budget includes establishing defense industry workshops, which Morocco hopes to use to achieve local military industrialization.

* Morocco News