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Music House Demolition: Ayefele, Ajimobi begin reconciliation process

The Governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi on Thursday, met with Yinka Ayefele over the demolition of his music and radio studio by the state.

It is the first meeting between both men since the state government pulled down Ayefele’s N800m Music House.

Ayefele’s demolished Music House

The state government had held a reconciliation meeting where it constituted a committee to resolve crisis generated by the demolition of the Music House belonging to the popular musician.

Oyo government said the building violated the originally approved plan of the area.

Newsheadline247 understands the reconciliation committee, comprising of government officials and some workers of Fresh FM station, including Ayefele, has commenced the process.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi set up the committee at the meeting with the popular musician in his office on Thursday in Ibadan.

Ayefele in company with some of his workers arrived at the Governor’s Office at about 11.30 am for the meeting.

The governor was quoted to have said the demolition exercise was neither a witch-hunt nor politically motivated, insisting it was due to contravention of the state ’s property laws.

Ajimobi had defended his action in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

“Just like the house they said we demolished, that man didn’t obey the law, now.

People are now saying because he’s physically challenged; so if one is physically challenged, then he should break the law?” Ajimobi had said.

“They said he employed people, are armed robbers not employers of labour too? Should we now say because armed robbers employ people, they should continue to rob and terrorise others?

“We shall pity them… But we have to obey the law.”

He also urged Ayefele to ensure that his radio station embraced ethical reportage of the issue.

The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, who was at the Governor’s Office in company with some other notable monarchs in the state, also pleaded with the governor to reconcile with the musician.

Ayefele had, however, stated that his office responded to all letters forwarded to it by the state government.

He expressed regrets at not being able to see the governor, adding that the emissaries he sent failed to deliver his messages.

Ayefele stated that he remains a law-abiding citizen who is ready to comply with the regulations of the state government.

According to NAN, the meeting, which lasted hours, was later adjourned for another day.

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