The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has incurred public wrath over an announcement on the impending change of the Yellow card issued to Nigerian travellers NAN reports.

In a notification on Twiiter, FAAN said “All old yellow cards will be invalid from April 1st 2019” and urged Nigerians to get a New e-Yellow card by following the five steps listed. One of them is by paying N2,000 for the new card and another is by visiting the website ‘yellow‘ to register.

However, the agency has come under fussilade of attacks by Twitterati, with some wondering why the agency has hijacked what should ordinarily be the responsibility of the health ministry.

Some other commentators wondered what would become of existing cards which are still valid or vaccinations that have just been administered on the card carriers.


Yet others suggested that FAAN is promoting the eYellow card for money motive and not for health reasons.

Here are some of the comments on FAAN Twitter handle @FAAN_Official