The Nigerian government has accused elites in the country of being the sponsors of secession agitators across various regions of the country.

The nation’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, spoke at a meeting with the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN).

The minister commended the body for planning the national unity campaign scheduled for October.

Mohammed described the move as “patriotic” and confirmed the administration was prepared to partner with the organizers of the campaign.


“We must resist the temptation of some very selfish elite, who are giving the impression that Nigerians will not want to stay as a
nation,” he said.

The minister further urged Nigerians not to allow anarchists to drive a wedge between them in an attempt to break the country into different parts.

Mohammed admitted the challenges in the areas of security and the economy and assured that the government is making frantic efforts to stem the situation.

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