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Yes, he promised Ogun natives good life, freedom, growth and prosperity and he is delivering on all counts.

Most leaders are average, neither dazzling nor excellent. But Dapo Abiodun is remarkably different; more a visionary in a beneficent, all-values-connected sort of context.

Through his work, the Ogun State governor gives succour to the voiceless. He hears their voices and responds with compassion – the hallmark of humane leadership.

Abdul Samad Rabiu

But he doesn’t just listen to the citizenry, he treats every human he meets and every constituent of his domain as their own planet, rather than simply one of his moons.

He sees people and communities with curiosity, compassion, grace and excitement. And he’s encouraging a huge community of followers to do the same. It’s a gift to be alive at the same time as this admirable leader.

Since he assumed office, Abiodun has been tackling tough projects and issues with passion and a very evident love. His governance style is all about triggering genuine progress and constructive exchanges between state actors, irrespective of class and social boundaries.

He’s always in search of the truthful moment that will give the masses real practical solutions to difficult issues. He’s a visionary in that way.

Inspired by his sterling efforts, billionaire mogul and philanthropist, Abdul Samad Rabiu’s ASR Africa, invested a whopping N2.5 billion as healthcare support for Abiodun’s government. Ogun State was listed as one of the four states newly added to ASR Africa’s health grant beneficiaries for the year 2021.

The initiative set out to support sustainable development in health, education and social development within Nigeria and in Africa at large.

Governor Abiodun is undoubtedly doing everything right to attract the good graces of corporate organizations and the international community

Speaking on the new package, the Managing Director of ASR Africa, Ubon Udoh, revealed that since the inception of the Abdul Samad Rabiu Initiative and its $100 million Dollars Africa Fund for Social Development, the initiative has identified key development needs in Healthcare, Education, and Social Development within Nigeria and the African continent at large.

Based on its findings, the ASR Africa Initiative commenced implementation of some of the projects in the key development areas, committing N2.5Billion each to Ogun, Sokoto, Kwara and Edo States.

According to Ubon Udoh, “this expanded grant will be dedicated towards healthcare interventions from maternal and childcare to health infrastructure, capacity development among others.”

There is no gainsaying the N2.5 billion grant further attests to Governor Abiodun’s progressive drive and unmistakable commitment to the development of Ogun State.

The gesture aligns with Abiodun’s vision to create an enabling environment for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to thrive in Ogun State while leveraging on very strong previous relationships to attract support for the state in all sectors

Actual governing could be difficult. As the new governor, he had to deal with problems inherited from his predecessor in the statehouse; from infrastructure lapses, paucity of fund and administrative shortcomings, he got his work cut out for him but Governor Abiodun was never one to back down from a fight or a daunting challenge. So far, he has exerted himself convincingly.

Governor Abiodun engenders excellence in his cabinet, underlings and associates but he doesn’t impose his genius on you. It really feels collaborative and exploratory to work with him; its a priceless learning process, according to his aides and members of his cabinet.

By many quantitative metrics, the Ogun governor may pass as the most unconventional Nigerian politician who vied for a state gubernatorial office. He ran the most unconventional of campaigns, a whirlwind of rallies, speeches, energy, all captured live in the moment on the mainstream and social media, with grit, determination, and a message: No longer would mediocrity pervade Ogun State’s government house.

Other messages were resonant through his campaign: no longer would covetous characters dictate the Gateway State’s sovereignty; no longer would decadent elites mortgage the interests of Ogun’s citizenry. Dapo Abiodun resurrected Ogun State’s ancestral/historical pride.

The real vision was to form an all-inclusive government marking the first time an Ogun State governor would unite seemingly irreconcilable factions in the state on the strength of his charisma, maturity and political sagacity.

And he has surely succeeded at his task. What Abiodun has managed to create is a sacred space of governance, where everyone respected aligned with the vision of his administration and the narrative of his progress.

He promised Ogun natives freedom, growth and prosperity and he is delivering on all counts.

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