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NIMSES – New app that rewards you for life lands in Nigeria

Nimses is launching in Nigeria. The app is not just another icon for your screen. This is a wallet full of every minute of your life — nims.

Nimses is a location-based mobile application that pays you digital coins — nims. It has already become popular in the USA and Europe. The audience is growing very fast. In the first five days after the launch, the app reached 1 million users. It made it to the top applications on AppStore and Google play in many countries.


After registering, you earn 1 nim for every minute of your life. Even if you’re not using the app. You earn 1 440 nims per day. In addition, your friends, subscribers, and other users of Nimses can give you nims.


Users have a wallet for nims called Nimb or Halo. The more nims you have — the bigger your Nimb is. Users post just like they do on Instagram or Facebook. The main difference is that people respond to your content not by liking, but by sending you nims. This way, you become wealthier and can spend nims as you wish.


Temple stores all user posts. It’s like a separate district. The world consists of 1 million Temples. Every post is stored into a particular Temple, meaning that virtual content has a physical address now.


This summer, users will receive new features on the app. You’ll be able to download your favorite artist’s tracks, just like in Apple Music or Spotify, but for nims.

You’ll be able to purchase goods and services — be it a cup of coffee or a holiday trip.


The more Nimses users in your city – the sooner you receive Nimses Goods. This is where you can buy and sell anything using nims.

Nimses will launch Exchange to buy and sell nims for dollars and other currencies.


Invite as many friends to Nimses as you can. When you invite a friend to Nimses, you receive 4 320 nims, and a friend gets +1 440 bonus nims.

Soon, you’ll be able to eat, suit up, chill, and even travel using nims.

Welcome to the future.

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