Tinubu is also enormously in tune with the nation’s political dynamics. He’s vast in the economy and social-cultural issues. Tinubu is highly detribalized

Just like the late sage, the legendary Chief Obafemi Awolowo who was an embodiment of order, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s formal declaration to President Muhammadu Buhari of his intention to run for the topmost office in the land unequivocally proved that he’s indeed a man of order and stickler for protocol.


The president, besides being the national leader of APC is also the father of the entire nation, so formally briefing him of the aspiration was the most plausible thing to do as it is also an indication of a transition expected to be devoid of rancour, acrimony and suspicion, In Sha-Allah. Even, the master creator, the Almighty represents the order in all ramifications.

God firstly created habitats-heaven & earth, for His creatures to dwell before he started creating all other things to populate the earth & heaven, including man who was created purposely to rule and dominate other creatures.

 Nigerians at home and in Diaspora waited with bated lips for that very symbolic event that happened yesterday in Aso Rock between the President, Vice President and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Profound thanks to Almighty God that they weren’t disappointed as they didn’t wait in vain, as the historic declaration might have opened a new dimension in the political journey and democratic struggles in this country.  Now that it has happened, all speculations about Asiwaju presidency declaration has been finally laid to rest. It has become reality.

 It’s now an auspicious time for all the stakeholders across the country to arise by canvassing and mobilizing support for the political colossus and titan in order to ensure the eventual manifestation of the presidency project. Tinubu has reached out to notable traditional rulers across the country.

He has connected the political class across party divides. He has networked with the teeming youths all over the nation. He has eloquently made his aspiration known to the market women. He has reached out to the corporate groups.

The professional groups across the country have been intimated. And of course, the nation’s political major stakeholders are already aware of the project. And now that the President, C-in-C, the custodian of the nation’s power & authority has been formally notified, the coast is clear for the declaration to be formally made to all Nigerians at home and in Diaspora. 

President Buhari has been resolute in frontally confronting infrastructural decay across the nation. He has been bullish in committing resources on the railways all over the country. He’s been undaunted in constructing new roads and renewing the existing ones in the south, north and the east.

He’s also been remarkable in bringing the nation’s Airports to the global standard. The educational and medical sectors have attracted his rapt attention, as he’s committed huge resources of the nation there. The president detests corruption in all ramifications, so the scourge would have been battled to a standstill by now, but for the fact that it has become a way of life in our nation. If we refer to this president as Mr. Infrastructures, we won’t be controverted.

Without a doubt, President Buhari has remarkably done well but, the office is tenured and therefore, he must exit by 2023.  Someone else with character and presidential standing must take the baton of the national leadership from him. This is why Tinubu formal declaration of his presidential bid to the president has attracted enthusiasm and excitement across the nation.  

Asiwaju appears good enough to take off from where the president would stop. He towers above all the aspirants in APC and the opposition groups; I stand to be challenged. He understands the country sufficiently well. He’s also enormously in tune with the nation political dynamics. He’s vast in the economy and social-cultural issues. Tinubu is highly detribalized.

Tinubu cabinet in Lagos during his reign was a balance between the Yorubas, Igbos and the Hausas. He is at home with any group or set of people; he’s the only one who understands how he does it. He’s trusted and tested. More importantly, Tinubu remains the only political figure who is an astute manager of men & resources.

There is no iota of doubt that he would fish out all the talents abound across the nation and utilize their skills, knowledge and idea to showcase Nigeria for the global world to see. Asiwaju is also sufficiently connected with the political figures and corporate chieftains & leaders around the globe. We expect this to rub on his government when the time comes.

Government across the globe is continuum; so, there are areas that have not attracted the attention of the incumbent president. The nation teeming youths have not been orientated and packaged to be self-reliant like Chinese, Japanese and other Asian countries youths. We expect this to command the attention of Tinubu when he mounts the saddle. Commensurate development has not attended billions of the nation’s resources that have been buried in the Niger Delta region over decades.

We expect this impasse to attract the attention of Tinubu in view of the treasure base status of the region to our economy. Even though, the president has made spirited efforts to diversify the nation’s economy from oil, the distractions of insecurity, banditry as well as Covid 19 and Omicron have all constituted stumbling blocks to the full fulfilment of the concept.

Asiwaju has the wherewithal to unravel the mystery behind diversification and thereafter places the country on the path of prosperity. A sensitive and untouchable topic in Nigeria over the years remains restructuring. I don’t have doubt that solution will surface during the reign of Jagaban.

Nigerians expect a new dimension in governance after the eventful and commanding tenure of President Buhari. I’m convinced Asiwaju has the wherewithal to take the country to the next level. We should be prepared for a re-invented, re-engineered, re-branded and re-positioned country.  But, we must all from the East, North and South of this great nation work assiduously, religiously and relentlessly for his emergence as Nigeria next president.                                          

*Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB, ACS, CTP) is a Lagos based Financial and Management Consultants

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