Ogun 2019: Man Shot Dead as Ladi Adebutu, Buruji Kashamu Supporters Clash In Ota


Adebutu, Kashamu fierce struggle for power gets bloody

Tragedy struck around 8:00pm in Ota after a political gathering involving Ogun State governorship aspirant and a serving member of the Federal House of Representative,  hon. Ladi Adebutu.

Report reaching our desk indicates a young man was shot dead via stray bullets from Ladi Adebutu security aide during fracas which erupted when Ladi Adebutu met with different groups of supporters around Okeede in Ota on Wednesday evening.


Eyewitness informed groups from both factions of PDP and APC were involved as the Nigeria Police made instant arrest and began immediate investigation on the matter.

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“A state of extreme confusion and disorder started when hon. Ladi Adebutu left the meeting,’’ an eyewitness said

Another eyewitness insisted “Ladi Adebutu who was on his way from Aiyetoro came in after the young man was shot but, rather than be a caring leader, he only peeped from his car window looking at the lifeless body of the boy and several other wounded victims groaning in severe pains and then drove off, it is a show of heartlessness from a supposed leader.”

It was gathered that the standing crowd and passersby along Iganmode road through Okeede where the incident happened rained curses on him for his display of inhumanity as he drove off the scene of the bloody fracas.

newsheadline247 understands the sequential events which led to the untimely death of the young man on a  ‘black Wednesday’ in Ota began on 29 June, 2017 when Senator Buruji Kashamu’s newest anointed candidate, Segun Seriki  came to Ota to declare his guber ambition. The venue of the declaration took place right opposite Ladi Adebutu controlled PDP secretariat in Ota, Ogun State.

It would be recall that Senator Buruji Kasham parted ways with his once upon a time anointed candidate and 2015 governorship aspirant, Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka (GNI) over irreconcilable political differences.

Information made available stated that supporters of GNI were not happy with Segun Seriki’s coming to Ota to declare his governorship ambition-Reason, he is an Ijebu man and for Buruji to have replaced GNI with Segun Seriki is an outright attempt to squelch the Yewa-Awori agenda of producing a governor in the 2019 general election -It is the only project at hand at the west end of Ogun State.

There were grumblings and bitter complains from supporters of GNI against Segun Seriki, who is an Ijebu man coming to Ota to declare his aspiration of becoming the next governor of Ogun Satate.

“They believed the move was a huge slap and insult to the people of Ogun west.” A source informed.

Further digs enable us to know that reports of the protests against Seriki coming to Ota reached the Ijebu Politico-generalissimo, Senator Buruji Kashamu who immediately ordered the arrest of the GNI supporters alleging them for breach of public peace.

These supporters of GNI were languishing in police custody when Ladi Adebutu’s team took advantage of their helplessness by ensuring their release in one of a crowd pulling cases in an Ota magistrate court.

“Former Ogun State commissioner for Works and Housing, Hon. Waliu Taiwo stands as surety for the boys.” newsheadline247 was told.

Back to what led to‘black Wednesday’s’ mayhem. Privy sources informed that Hon. Ladi Adebutu had a date with the boys who were arrested through the order of Senator Buruji Kashamu.

“The purpose of the meeting was meant to intimate with the new hijacked supporters following assistance from Adebutu’s camp,” our source stated

But Ladi Adebutu who was in Ayetoro for an Ogun West PDP meeting came very late. His supporters waited for hours and while waiting Buruji Kashamu’s group joined them.

“The swelling up of the gathering was uncomfortable and later resulted to street fight on arrival of hon. Ladi Adebutu.

“One of Ladi’s security aide shot sporadically and a stray bullet hit a young man who died instantly.” A source informed.

The body had since been moved to the morgue.

More details later…………