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PDP Chairmanship: Daniel calls for caution against factional attacks; says ‘Our party will suffer the damage’

A former governor of Ogun State and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national chairmanship candidate, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) has call for caution of different camps’ ‘throwing of brickbats’ against each other in the media ahead of the party’s much anticipated December 9 National Convention.

OGD speaking through his media aide, Steve Oliyide in a release said: “Our great party will suffer the greatest damage and public opprobrium from the mudsling and personal attacks on each of the aspirants.”

The release as obtained by Newsheadline247 reads: “We have watched with grave concern the unpleasant throwing of brickbats in the media from different camps in the build-up to the December 9 National Convention of our great Party, the Peoples Democratic Party where candidates will be elected as National Chairman and other offices for the National Executive Committee.

“We view this trend with mixed feelings, because while it is true that only one candidate will eventually emerge as the National Chairman as well as for the other offices, there will always be a day after December 9 and all of us will still have to sit down to work together to chart a new course for our country and the Democratic process. Our great party will suffer the greatest damage and public opprobrium from the mudsling and personality attacks on each of the aspirants. To the public, we are all members of the Peoples Democratic Party and any dirt thrown either way will surely have negative effects on the Party and our performance in the 2019 general elections.

“We have read, and painfully so, all the not too pleasant reports about the management of our Party’s resources in the build up to the 2015 general elections and the role(s) played by some members of the National Working Committee, some of who are also vying for offices at the next “Convention, and we feel deeply concerned that these do not portray our party in good light before the public who we shall still have to return to canvass for votes in 2019.

“We state unequivocally that all aspirants for the PDP’s highest office and other offices are men of impeccable characters, eminently qualified even in varying degrees of character and strength of performance all which will be harnessed for total electoral victory when Otunba Gbenga Daniel eventually mounts the saddle as the National Chairman of our great party by God’s grace on the 9th of December. We however could not tolerate any form of malignant character assassination, bothering on deficient integrity.

“Attempts to smuggle in persecution and error of justice orchestrated by the Opposition and government in power as a campaign weapon are also done in bad taste and these should not be allowed to gain ascendancy as we reach out to the delegates to seek and canvass for votes and supports.

“There is no system that is perfect anywhere in the world, only that which is best administered can be considered to be good enough. We are not unmindful of the misgivings of some of our party members with respect to the composition of the list of Convention Committee members, but we feel strongly that calling for the resignation of the Chairman of the National Caretaker Committee, Senator Ahmed Maikarfi will and can not be the solution. PDP is a troubled party no doubt, and it is the collective search for solution that has got us to where we are at the moment. It is the same reason why many of us are aspiring to lead it with a strong resolve and believe that we can steer its ship back to sail.

“It will not be in the overall best interest of our party if, while pursuing our ambition and prosecuting our campaigns, seeking delegates’ votes and support and we unknowingly demarket our great party which we seek and aspire to also lead.”

Steve Oliyide
Media Consultant,
Otunba Gbenga Daniel Campaign Organisation

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