The Police in Delta State have arrested Lawrence Daniels, the elder brother to Nollywood actress Regina, barely two weeks after she got married to billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko.

The video of the arrest which went viral on social media showed Lawrence in handcuff.

Regina’s mother Rita Daniels, in the video, claimed it was the fourth time the police was arresting Lawrence and that they kept arresting her children, harassing them and taking away their peace.


Also in the video shared by one Twitter user Laila Ijeoma, the police were seen with their guns while the leader of the team was seen telling Rita Daniels to talk to him.

Lawrence also claimed he did nothing to warrant the arrest yet he is being handcuffed; the family kept repeating that they did nothing to warrant the arrest or even being handcuffed.

One of the boys present at the scene who is believed to also be one of her children showed his wounded face claiming he was hit with the gun by one of the policemen.

Regina Daniels’ mother, Rita kept asking what they have done for the Police to keep trying to tarnish her image and why can’t they be allowed to move freely. She claims this is the fourth time this will repeat itself.

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