Prince Adetunji Fadina has formally opened Dinat Vocational Institute in Ota, Ado/Ota Local government of Ogun State with aims of assisting the country with essential manpower to harness tourism potentials and as well as making Ota and Ogun State foremost culture and tourism destinations.

The Dinat Vocational Institute is tourism study centre licensed by the Nigerian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) after official partnership agreements were reached.

The new tourism study centre is a subsidiary of Dinat Vocational Institute, an institute created by the Awori prince to mop up idle youths off the streets of Ogun State.

Dinat Vocational Institute has been established with a vision to transform the lives of young people in Nigeria. The first centre will be opened in Otta, Ogun State.


Dinat Vocational Institute is an international centre working in conjunction with Awarding Bodies and Universities in the UK. Dinat is striving for global standards and excellence providing quality and training for young people who want to pursue and take advantage of the career opportunities in a wide range of sectors, namely Tourism, Hospitality, Travels, Tour Operation, Customer Services, Business Administration, Management to name a few.

Newsheadline247 gathered that the move was in line with partnership agreements Dinat Group reached with the Nigerian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) from which it obtained a license and approval to open the institute.

The Dinat Group Chief Executive, Prince Adetunji Fadina said his company would work with NIHOTOUR to promote the cultural practices and historic sites in the state, especially in making Ota become globally celebrated tourism destinations.