A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has claimed that those who opposed or betrayed ex-president Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 have either been exposed for what they are or have been disgraced.

Fani-Kayode stated this on Friday while reminiscing on ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s era.

According to him on his Twitter page, Fani-Kayode wrote: “When I consider what has happened in our country since 2015 all I can say is that the God of Goodluck Jonathan is awesome!


“Every single one of his enemies and those that fought against, opposed or betrayed him in 2015 have either been exposed for what they are or have been disgraced.

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“The rabid racists and white supremacists of the so-called civilised world by his words and actions. There was once a time when Nigerian and African leaders had confidence and pride in themselves and their people.

“In those days, they boasted about the very best in Nigeria and Africa and they refused to trumpet the most filthy, specious, vicious and pernicious lies about their people or fuel the shameful and ugly stereotyping that Africans from all works of life are subjected to all over the world.

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“There may be some bad in Africa but there is also a whole lot of good. Why does this short ugly little man not talk about the good and why does he, instead, always insist on drumming up and harping on the bad even when the evidence for his more often than not bogus assertions are not tangible and empirical

“If you are not proud of your continent and your people then you are not worthy of their respect or to be called a leader.

“Someone please explain all this to our increasingly desperate, embarrassingly, confused and impeccably shallow outgoing Vice President.”