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Tinubu sad over death of Lagos Senator Osinowo

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed sadness over the sudden death of Lagos Senator Bayo Osinowo who reportedly died of complications from COVID-19.

In a well-circulated statement on Monday, Tinubu said the sudden and unexpected passing of Senator Osinowo deeply hurt him and Lagosians.

“As a prominent political figure in Lagos, he served our state with dedication, passion and concern for the common man,” Tinubu said.

Below is the full statement unedited:

Asiwaju Tinubu’s Statement On Death of Senator Osinowo

The sudden, unexpected passing of Senator Bayo Osinowo has deeply hurt me and Lagosians.

He was more than a close friend and political associate. Over the years he became like a family member and brother in so many ways.

Bayo and I have come a long way, dating back to our days in the pro-democracy struggles.

We both enlisted in the Social Democratic Party where he served so well as the Youth Chairman of that party during the Third Republic and later in the Alliance for Democracy in 1998 after the restoration of democracy. Bayo’s contributions to the return of democracy were significant and enduring.

As a prominent political figure in Lagos, he served our state with dedication, passion and concern for the common man.

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In the Lagos State House of Assembly, where he was a four-time member from 2003 to 2019 representing Kosofe Constituency 1, he was more than a member of that House. He provided leadership.

He was a stabilising figure. He worked hard and tirelessly to make Lagos a better place. He cared for all Lagosians.

His election in 2019 to represent Lagos East in the Senate demonstrated not only his immense political skills but also the affection the people have for him and his popularity. Thus far in the National Assembly, he discharged himself creditably as Chairman Senate Committee on Industries.

Like the committee he headed, Bayo was extremely industrious.

Bayo was not born with riches. He rose from a modest background to the great heights that he attained.

His death hurt all who know him. Bayo was more than an excellent politician.

As great a politician he was, Bayo was an even better person. He was a man of a kind heart and ready smile. His loyalty and enthusiasm was legendary, just as his generosity.

People loved him. So many tears have been shed. However, we must summon strength to carry on as he would want us to do.

My thoughts are with his immediate family. May Almighty Allah comfort and give them the solace that only He can provide.

May Almighty Allah grant him eternal rest and admit him to Aljanna Firdaus.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu               

June 15, 2020.

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