By Lukman Omikunle

With billions of internet users online at a go, the world has indeed become a mini place where multitudes converge at once. WrenchBoard is making it easier for employees and online job seekers to meet in the easiest way ever. has created the easiest opportunities for digital marketing and making extra income online.

WrenchBoard apt with Social-Selling: Social-Selling no doubt has become one of the trendiest platforms in recent time and has become arguably the fastest means of marketing communications and political campaigns.


It has actually become a vital tool that has become important for professional marketers. Social-Selling has, however, developed to the power and popularity of social media.

Social Selling as a tool for marketing and campaigns has also transformed to be a key social media influencer and marketing tools for goods and services.

Lately, it has become an essential tool for politicians all over the world; described as Political Digital Marketing.

Political parties across Africa and perhaps all over the world have added Social-Selling through Political Digital Marketing to the traditional mediums of advertising and campaigns such as television and newspapers.

A statement of fact here is that they must invest in digital marketing if they must compete and win elections.

It is pertinent to note that there are countless growing numbers of social media influencers who are well known on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and several other social media channels.

Determined politicians will not ignore, the newest innovation for a successful marketing and political campaigns was, however, strategically built to make Social-Selling, Political Digital Marketing easier through the engagement of professionals and freelancers readily available to execute the targeted roadmap for set ‘goals’ – it is a Key performance indicator.