Emerging details have revealed that the once talk -about-town love affair between Lagos high society damsel, Marifa Whyte and billionaire oil mogul, Mohammed Asibeula has ended on a sad note.

Like a short love story, the romantic journey between the two lovebirds faded like smoke gone in the air.

A report monitored on The Capital NG poetically narrated that “Miss Whyte experienced the transience of love in undisguised hours, as she watched Mohammed’s love for her extinguish in random hours.”

Mohammed Asibeula

After Marifa Whyte parted ways with her beau, she realized that sometimes, an end is just an end, and not a new beginning.

As their love extinguished, so did Marifa fall in the estimation of her beau; even their friendship began to unravel. Their impassioned fairy tale dissembled like a pack of ill-managed cards. The duo’s much-celebrated love, while it lasted, caused major heartache for Mohammed’s legal wife, Fatima.

The latter practically lost her nerve and all hope seemed lost for her immediately Marifa put to bed for her husband, bearing him a son. Fatima was devastated thinking she had totally lost her husband, whom she had been unable to bear a child.

Marifa, predictably, cashed in on her good fortune and wrapped Mohammed around her finger. From the moment she got pregnant for Mohammed, the latter began to spoil her silly with cash and material gifts. No sooner did she put to bed for the well-heeled dude than he showered her with even more goodies.

He practically erected a dam of goodness for her sake, drenching her in a massive rain of blessings.
At the birth of his son, Mohammed endowed her garage with the most expensive gifts: from the Range Rover to G Swag and Porsche Panamera, Marifa boasted an array of choice automobiles.
Mohammed went as far as securing for her, a lavishly furnished apartment in old Ikoyi, very close to two-time Lagos governor, Bola Tinubu’s abode.

Marifa seemed set to live happily ever after with another woman’s husband, until the twist in the tale; as heavenly grace would have it, Fatima, Mohammed’s beleaguered wife, enjoyed a rare grace from God and she eventually got took in for her husband. Nine months after, she birthed not just one, but a beautiful twin, a boy and a girl.

Though weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning, so it is said. The joy of both husband (Mohammed) and wife (Fatima) knew no limits. And they renewed their love and affection to Marifa’s chagrin. As soon as the new dose of happiness returned to the household of Mohammed, his relationship with Marifa began to unravel rapidly.

It was Marifa’s turn to get a dose of her poison. Her hitherto doting man, who could see no wrong in her, suddenly found her irritating at first sight. She tried everything humanly possible to win him back, but her efforts were futile. It was like his heart had returned back to the rightful owner again and there was no turning back.

To rub insult into injury, Mohammed sent Marifa packing from her Ikoyi abode. Sadly, she realised that the house that she had thought was hers was never really hers for keeps. It was actually a house given to Mohammed as part of the perks of being a director of a company.

Mohammed threw Marifa out in the most disgraceful way. Shamefacedly, Marifa moved from Ikoyi, to a less posh apartment in Victoria Island. From high up there, it seems humpty-dumpty has had a great fall! Not that she’s totally broken though. Once a hit girl, always a hit girl. At the moment, she has cast her web expansively, in desperation to capture whoever falls in.

Culled from The Capital NG with additional information from Maestromedia