After two failed marriages, fantasyland boss finds love in separated mother of two….

Again, Fola Ogunlesi, the owner of Fantasyland, has ventured into the mysterious overland; that peculiar haven bordered by esplanades of secret treasures and colourful spokes of eternal delight. Thanks to sweet heavenly grace, Fola has rediscovered bliss in ravishing belle, Ireti; after two failed marriages, hardly anyone believed that Fola would find another love of his life so soon. To high society trolls, it is unbelievable, but to Fola, it’s simply ethereal, The Capital NG reported.

To Fola, finding Ireti is akin to beaming light through the surface of a brushwood that light never penetrated. Few years after a bitter separation from his second wife, Omolewa, the founder of Ikoyi, Lagos based events centre, Fantasyland, has rediscovered love in Ireti. Fola has been seen all over town with Ireti in recent times. So smitten are they with each other that they have aroused speculations about the future of their newfound love; Fola and Ireti live together in his GRA, Ikeja, mansion.

According to The Capital NG, Fola’s first wife, Idowu, was the CEO of Amazing Grace Fabrics Stores at Alade Market, Ikeja, Lagos, but their marriage packed up over 22 years ago due to irreconcilable differences. Fola subsequently married Omolewa, who had also been previously married with three kids before she met Fola. They got married and started living together.

So deep was their love that the Kogi-born lady ensured that ensured that she became crucial part of Fola’s life; from his personal finance to business scattered all over the country and overseas, Omolewa was privy to every aspect of Fola’s life. The Fantasyland boss never hid anything from Omolewa, and he reportedly sought her consent before taking any step. It is a known fact in the Lagos social circle that they had joint bank accounts and their cheque books were clearly marked ‘Mr Ogunlesi/Mrs Omolewa Ogunlesi.’


While Fola enjoyed sweet, passionate love with Omolewa, he gave her his fancifully built high-rise on Opebi Road to run her kiddies stores, ‘Balloon;’ Fast forward a few years later, Omolewa and Fola’s marriage hit the rocks following a long drawn out and acrimonious spat – which also involved a dispute over ownership of property – thus ending his second marital adventure.

Now, Fola is in love with Ireti. Ireti used to be married to a guy called Olutayo with whom she had two kids. Olutayo allegedly dumped her to marry her friend but just before she yielded to despair, Fola arrived in her life like a gladiator from an ancient age, to rescue her from the pit of depression. Now she’s enjoying the best of the good life with Fola who spares no expense in taking care of her.

Culled from The Capital NG