One of the commissioners in the cabinet of Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is about to resign, reports.

Emerging details revealed that the about to resign commissioner is said to have confided in friends of “frustration” performing his duties,

The report said insiders claim the “commissioner” is alleging that virtually all his duties have been pieced out to those perceived more loyal to the governor.

“He claims he has been reduced to just a salary collecting emblem of endorsement with no major role in the government” learned.


Governor Ambode is accused of running an extremely tight administration that favours only those fiercely loyal to him.

This development is said to have muscled out a couple of “top shots” out of Ambode’s government.

It was also said that the aggrieved commissioner took over the position he presently occupy from a close ally of governor Ambode

“But he wants to resign because he doesn’t enjoy the same kind of authority like his predecessor” a source claimed.

The commissioner whose appointment was made not too long ago was a former ‘grass root office’ holder.