Ahead of the 2019 Kwara State gubernatorial election, the Hannis Institue for Development Studies (HIDS) is set to bring all governorship candidates and youths to an unprecedented forum tagged ‘Talk to the Youths’ aimed at promoting political tolerance in the state.

The HIDS is organising a candidate’s forum for the gubernatorial candidates with the underlying objective to influence the direction of youth development in Kwara State.

According to the convener, Alhaji Lawal Olohungbebe, the major and only motive behind this unprecedented event is to provide a forum where non-partisan youths in the state engage governorship candidates on their plans for youths across Kwara State.


“HIDS is committed to creating a platform for informed youths’ electoral decision. We are not politically aligned,” he said.

In a statement made available to newsheadline247, Olohungbebe said, “We are a development institute, domiciled in Ilorin, Kwara State. Hence, we are concerned and we must act.

“The major and only motive behind this unprecedented event is to provide a forum for non-partisan youths in the state who are in the majority to listen and engage the gubernatorial candidates on their vision for youth development.

“Through this platform, we will promote political tolerance, constructive dialogue and politics of service to the people.”

Olohungbebe, a revered sociologist and community development facilitator said the key purpose of the forum is in its entirety plugged in youth development in the state.

“We hope to accomplish four things with this event: Create a neutral platform for the gubernatorial candidates in Kwara State to showcase their plan for Kwara youths

“Set a youth policy agenda through a robust discussion of the issues facing the youth in Kwara State.

“Educate Kwara youths and other voters on the policy platforms that each candidate will run on; and mobilize the youths and increase the voter turnout of this population,” he stated.