By Kunle Bakare

Really, for most readers, a contextual definition of terms is necessary here for effective communication to take place.

Doffing simply means removing, pulling off, flinging off, or getting out of an unfavourable state or condition.


Savage implies a wicked, severe, fearful and extremely violent situation, a condition that inflicts pain and agony.

Donning is putting on, getting on, or changing into a condition or situation that is enjoyable and pleasant.

Salvage, finally, means restoration, reclamation, saving, salvation, or even saviour, if personified, of a terrible experience, ravage or damage.

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The topical rhetoric, ‘doffing savage for donning salvage’, describes a change in the attitude of a people in relation to a condition as the need arises, simply and succinctly:

People actively change their situations and experience. They, hopefully, go for a better condition.

We shall continue to vote wisely!

We shall continue to vote with informed decision!!!

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*Kunle Bakare, an educationist and public commentator base in Osun State writes from Ikire