Emerging reports from the State of Osun has it that outgoing governor, Rauf Argebesola is poised on making a personal choice of his chief of staff, Gboyega Oyetola, as his successor.

Oyetola the step-brother of political leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu an integral part of governor Aregbesola’s administration on the recommendation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader.

Information made available revealed Oyetola is about to become the next governor of Osun state if things work the way of his backers. The latest political move in Osun is also said to be on the recommendation of Tinubu.

However, Aregbesola’s choice of his chief of staff as the anointed successor is reportedly causing great ripples and disenchantment in the Osun state chapter of the APC.

Adegboyega Oyetola
Gboyega Oyetola

Reports monitored on also indicate the governor’s decision is causing rumpus on the streets.

But in the face of grumblings and back-door oppositions, the outgoing Governor is said to be sticking to his gun.

Insiders claim he is currently putting in place all that is necessary to ensure Oyetola becomes party candidate in a walkover shadow election ahead of the September 22 Osun gubernatorial contest.

Newsheadline247 learnt governor Aregbesola is not ready to shift ground despite silent protests and agitations against his decision by angry party members in the state.

The Osun governor is said to be keen on achieving this feat in bid to easily assume his former position of power in the politics of Lagos state – the seat of power of the political movement (headed by Tinubu) which he belongs to.