According to Forbes 2024 rating, there is no doubt that Oyindamola Lami Adeyemi, an incredibly talented Enterprise Stylist, has rightfully claimed her place as a national treasure.

Oyindamola Lami Adeyemi

Oyindamola Lami Adeyemi one of Africa’s shrewdest and most powerful entrepreneurs is Nigeria’s gift to the continent and the global business community. Her brilliance, skill, and work ethic fueled her meteoric rise, while her roots keep her grounded in an arena where she must either perform or helplessly fade out.

Adeyemi flourishes like a woman who has embodied genius alongside sensibility. Genius parts the way for her ascent, while sensibility inures her to the bare bones of the competitive business world.

She personifies a rare perspective on the lure of ambition and the risks the gallant will take to achieve it. Her entrepreneurial style is peculiar for a billionaire of her stature; no pomp, no pageantry or dross, just a survivor’s sharp instinct for opportunities and a strategist’s devotion to data.

The enterpreneur extraordinaire, Adeyemi, makes her fortune work for humanity. Her enterprise thrives where commerce rebirths thus unfurling into a sprawling empire that employs over 200 Africans and expatriates.


Aside from generating massive employment, her business interests provide unparalleled support for governments and communities on the African continent. As her business empire manifests as the stuff dreams are made of, her exploits give an industrial scent that blossoms through the odds.
The depth at which Adeyemi thrives as a business strategist and colossus comprises her personal song, her exclusive canvas and the energetic thumbprint that she leaves upon the world.

While we conventionally think of a vision as being in pursuit of a specific type of solution, Adeyemj takes a different approach: she pursues a specific type of problem. Specifically, she seems drawn to problems that involve navigating scale and overcoming complexity.

First, navigating scale means she selects problems that can only be solved through the commitment of massive fixed-cost investments.

Second, overcoming a great deal of complexity — resolving and dealing with multiple interdependent moving parts — requires the commitment of time and stamina for failure. She possesses these extraordinary traits and exploits them to full measure.

And Nigeria is the major beneficiary.

Indeed, Adeyemi’s narrative manifests like a pilgrimage of sorts. First, it’s about resilience. Everything she possesses, she earned by merit.

In Adeyemi’s exploits, it becomes visible that true merit is like steel and not like cotton; it seems diminutive from the outside but weighs substantially on the inside.

Some have called her an enterprise stylist, who puts everything of herself into everything that she does. For instance, Still Earth Holdings, her construction firm, is a perfect illustration of her unusual savvy and daring in an industry hitherto dominated by multinational corporations and male entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, she thrives on strategy, faith and collaboration; Adeyemi neither forces people nor outcomes, like pawns on a chessboard. When her projection falls short of its target, she goes back to the drawing board until her strategy produces the intended outcomes.

There is no gainsaying the business world knows Adeyemi exceptionally well, but the world at large should recognize the genius that she is. She is a household name and this much is affirmed by the recent feature done about her by Forbes Africa.

The magazine was undoubtedly drawn to her amazing exploits in the construction industry, and oil and gas sector; from the construction of roads to ventures in offshore drilling and beyond, her firm, Still Earth Holdings showcases a broad spectrum of diverse contributions that enrich Nigeria’s infrastructural landscape and foster economic growth.

There is no gainsaying that the boss of Still Earth Holdings exudes the savvy of the ancients, the type of spunk that spurred medieval Amazons to dare and surpass exploits that were the exclusive preserve of men. Adeyemi projects that shrewd, indefatigable spirit that shepherds the greatest of men to the most enviable heights.

Adeyemi attained entrepreneurial acclaim very early in life guided by the counsel that where strategy fails, her savvy and audacity may, at least, deserve praise.

Since she started out with Still Earth Holdings her entrepreneurial footprint has extended through construction, business financing to hospitality and real estate industries. This is why she recently caught the attention of the prestigious international magazine, Forbes Africa.

Speaking to Forbes Africa, Adeyemi shed light on the challenges faced by the industry and shares insights into her distinctive entrepreneurial approach.

Soon after she positioned Still Earth at the pinnacle of the construction industry, Adeyemi recorded another remarkable feat with her foray into fiscal enterprise as she started playing in the big league with the titans.

Under her leadership, Still Earth Holdings places its focus on finance, construction, and the energy sector. The company operates through its subsidiaries: Still Earth Capital Finance, Still Earth Construction, as well as Tirex Petroleum and Energy.

Still Earth Limited has certainly grown to become a leading construction and engineering company executing landmark developmental and infrastructural projects across Nigeria with the highest quality of service.

Currently, it flaunts a diverse portfolio spanning over 10 years in commercial and industrial buildings, civil works, engineering, and infrastructure such as roads, drainage systems, and bridges across the country.

Building on the success of Still Earth Limited, Adeyemi established Still Earth Capital Finance, a financial services company that empowers MSMEs and individuals through access to credit, asset financing, and advisory services. Under her leadership, Still Earth Capital Finance has rapidly grown to serve over 100,000 customers in just four years.

Since founding Tirex in 2019, Adeyemi has been relentless in her pursuit of excellence. Through her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to quality, she has equally transformed Tirex into Nigeria’s most active drilling rig contractor, with almost 30% of the market share and still growing.

Adeyemi revealed that she takes great pride in her company’s valuable contributions to the country’s infrastructure, saying, “I have personally overseen the construction of approximately 180 to 200 kilometres of roads across Nigeria.”

Driven by her passion for building projects and interior

finishing work, Still Earth has expanded into these aspects as well. Recognising Nigeria’s immense potential for infrastructural growth, Adeyemi eagerly anticipates positive changes within the sector and remains optimistic about the existing opportunities for further development.

She highlighted some of the notable projects undertaken by Still Earth and specifically mentioned the successful collaboration with Total Energies on the Ikike campaign, which involved a drilling project led by Tirex Petroleum and Energy, a subsidiary of Still Earth Holdings. Adeyemi takes pride in these drilling campaigns and emphasises the multifaceted value created through such partnerships.

Still, Earth Capital Finance, another subsidiary of the company, has taken steps to support small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals by providing them with financial assistance. “I am very thankful that we can continue to empower SMEs and individuals who often need a bridge loan to support their endeavours, their small businesses, and even just their day-to–day living expenses,” Adeyemi said.

The Still Earth boss is also confident that Nigeria’s housing and real estate sectors have great growth potential. She highlights the importance of a society that values hard work, accountability, and merit. According to her, Nigeria’s progress and prosperity rely on recognizing the valuable contributions each individual brings to their work. “As long as there’s dignity attached to that labour, you come out not measuring your success, not necessarily in the amount of cash you have deposited in your account, but in the beauty, the creativity, and the quality of your job output,” she said, counting on Nigeria’s plentiful resources, the determination of its people, and the opportunities for collaboration and advancement across the board.

As Nigeria positions itself as an attractive partner and investment destination, Adeyemi expresses confidence in the incumbent government’s ability to foster an environment that supports investors and promotes growth.

Still Earth Holdings, with its emphasis on effective processes, strong structures, and a supportive culture, presents itself as a trustworthy partner committed to delivering quality outcomes.

“If you are looking for a partner or a company to work with without worrying about contractual agreements, keeping our obligations, and of course quality output, it’s Still Earth,” said Adeyemi.

According to her, those qualities make Still Earth stand out. Beyond its core business activities, Still Earth Holdings administers far-reaching corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. For instance, the company supports a foundation that funds the education of students from the Niger Delta region, in recognition of the vital role the area plays in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. The company is also passionate about supporting the arts and endeavours to promote and nurture artistic talents through partnerships with artists and art foundations.

Adeyemi believes that the creative industry holds significant untapped potential in Africa and can contribute to the country’s GDP if given proper recognition and support.

In her quest to see improve governance outcomes, she founded an initiative coined “The Green Renaissance”, a platform for Leadership Advancement in society.

The objective was and continues to be building strong civil society organizations and institutions which provide platforms to mobilize citizens and engage the state by guarding against institutional weakness and democratic recession in the country.

Born to a Hausa-Fulani mother from Gombe state, Northern Nigeria, and a Yoruba father from Ondo State in the Southwest. Adeyemi exhibited leadership qualities from an early age and this has certainly grown and flourished over time.

Her multi-ethnic background afforded her a rich depth of understanding of the Nigerian context and an appreciation expressed in her love for arts and culture.

Growing up, Adeyemi attended the Federal Government Girls College in Bauchi, where she excelled in her studies and demonstrated a strong work ethic that has stayed with her throughout her career.

This foundation served as a springboard for her academic pursuits, leading her to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Abuja, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. Not content with just one degree, she went on to pursue further education, obtaining a Master of Science degree in Political Economy & Governance from the same institution. She also attended the Owner/President Management Program at the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

After graduation, Adeyemi began her career in the banking industry at Equitorial Trust Bank Plc, and quickly grew to the position of Relationship manager within a few short years.

Her exceptional performance throughout her banking career saw her rise further to become Head of the Public Sector Group at Equatorial Trust Bank Limited. In her role, she pioneered unique solutions for public sector clients and made her mark as a professional par excellence.

Under her leadership, Still Earth Holdings has successfully grown into an award-winning, multi-million-dollar group of companies where she sits as the Executive Chairperson. She also serves as a shareholder and Board Member of several companies in other diverse sectors of the Nigerian business industry.

Adeyemi contributes significantly to socio-economic and business discourse that shapes the sectoral conversations of the day. She has been featured in The Economist, The Guardian Newspaper, ThisDay Newspaper, Forbes Africa and several other reputable publications. She is also a highly sought-after thought leader on national development and a strong advocate for collaborative governance.

Today, Adeyemi is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most successful and influential business leaders, and her impact on the Nigerian economy and society continues to be felt. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation makes her a true inspiration to all who aspire to greatness.

On account of her impact-driven approach to all her endeavours, Adeyemi is a proud recipient of several awards. They include the African Leader of Integrity Merit Award Issued by the Africa Leadership Development Organization, the Nigerian Business Leadership Award for Excellence 2022, the Guardian Top 50 Value-Adding CEOs 2022, the Women4Africa Global Business Impact Award 2023 and the NYSC Ogun State Award of Merit (2004-2005) to mention a few.

Adeyemi is a member of the Institute of Directors, the Young Presidents Organization, and the Women in
Business among other reputable organizations.

There is no gainsaying Adeyemi exemplifies a modern yet timeless construct of audaciousness and femininity which manifests as a blend of dashing individuality, genius and noble pedigree.

Folk who are familiar with her beginnings and ascent in the business world earnestly attest to her industry. She worked hard to attain her current status and she is far removed from the contemporary alpha female stereotype that glorifies flamboyance, self-aggrandizement and narcissism above substance.

The self-driven entrepreneur and construction magnate comes across as an enviable Amazon and achiever in an area and era where everyone seems to understate the role and worth of a driven woman.