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Nollywood star Yewande Adekoya refutes reports of arrest over fraud in America

A popular Nollywood star, Yewande Adeokoya, has refuted reports that she was arrested in America over alleged crime bordering around financial misdemeanor.

This is coming over a year after she was reported to have been placed under house arrest in the United States.

In the report, the actress who became more popular with the movie characters “Iyawo Adedigba” and “Kudiklepto” was said to have been placed under house arrest after she was serially questioned by investigators.

But in an interview with The Punch NG, Yewande disproved the news describing it as false.

“The rumour that I was arrested for fraud in America in 2017 was false. I woke up that day and saw the news everywhere,” she said.

She claimed she was in Nigeria as the time the rumour of her arrest in the US was in the air and alleged that the reporter was paid to do such a damaging story against her.

Yewande said; “I felt the journalist was paid to write such defamatory news about me by someone who was threatened by my brand. But she made a huge mistake because she attacked the wrong person.”

I didn’t travel to the US in 2017 as she claimed; “I was in Nigeria working.”

“I am an upright citizen and I have never been associated with anything illegal. All claims of this sort should be disregarded. The American government is not silly; I have even travelled to the US and Canada after the fraud news.

“The journalist didn’t apologise or retract the story; so, my lawyers were left with no option but to sue her. As we speak, the case is in court. The said journalist has refused to turn up in court since the case started.”

Yewande, however, said the only regret ever in her life was not making babies earlier.

“I am happy with my life. Given a chance to turn back the hands of time, the only thing I would do differently is to get married and start making babies earlier.

“I have been married for six years and it hasn’t changed anything about me, except the fact that I am a wife and mother. Motherhood is beautiful. I thank God for the grace. I wish I had married and started a family earlier,” she said.

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